Dive Instruction

Continuing Education

Have you already earned your Open Water SCUBA Certification—your license to learn—and want to continue building and refining your skills?  Advanced Open Water gives you the opportunity to continue perfecting your basic abilities and acquire some new ones, taking you to even greater depths. Rescue Diver lets you broaden your focus and build additional confidence while preparing you to assist others in emergency situations. Finally, consider going pro and sharing your knowledge with others. The Leadership Program starts with the Divemaster certification and can progress your qualifications all the way to the Open Water SCUBA Instructor level. Then the possibilities are as boundless as the ocean itself—there are so many new and intriguing places a SCUBA career can take you.

The Fine Print:

  • All students are responsible for purchasing either printed course materials or an eLearning access code.
  • Nearly all of Stuart Scuba’s dive training courses include the rental gear necessary to complete the course, unless otherwise noted in the Course Outlines.
  • Stuart Scuba’s dive training includes the cost of any necessary boat dives to complete the course.
  • Those that purchase traditional course materials will be required to attend a 4hr classroom review prior to pool instruction.
  • Those that purchased eLearning course materials will be required to attend a 2.5hr classroom review prior to pool instruction.
  • Students will need to provide their own mask, fins, boots and snorkel. Basic Gear Packages that include these items can be found in our Gear Packages.  Your instructor or Stuart Scuba staff can help you choose the right gear for the best comfort and fit.
  • Stuart Scuba and its Professional Scuba Instructors want your Scuba diving experience to be extraordinary. In an effort to be prepared, please review the Student Registration and Medical Statement relevant to your specific certifying agency (NAUI, SDI, TDI or PADI).
  • Answering YES to any question on the medical statement doesn’t automatically disqualify you from diving. It only means that you have a preexisting condition which your instructor needs to be aware of that could interfere with your safety while SCUBA diving. If thought necessary, your Physician may need to sign the Physicians release portion of the medical statement prior to any in water instruction.

Gear Requirements:

  • Basic Gear is a requirement for all students of Stuart Scuba.
  • Advanced Gear is gear that we highly recommend purchasing (available through our shop) but we do have some available for rental.
  • Scuba Gear is available as rental gear or included in the price of most courses.

Each category of gear is defined as follows and referenced throughout each course outline:

  • Basic Gear: Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Boots, Surface signaling device, Dive tables or Dive computer
  • Advanced Gear: Safety Sausage/Surface Marker Buoy, Spool or Reel, Underwater and Surface Signaling Device, Dive Light, Dive Knife
  • Scuba Gear: Buoyancy Compensator (BCD), Regulator set w/Depth and Pressure Gauges/Compass, Computer and Wetsuit

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