28 October Night Dive at Blue Heron Bridge

Night Dive

Blue Heron Bridge Night DiveA night dive on the Blue Heron Bridge is an amazing way to see this unique site. Join us on October 28th at 7:00 pm to experience it for yourself.

To night dive at Blue Heron Bridge you must be under the supervision of a Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation permit holder. Individuals cannot dive at the park at night without a permit. Divers must check in with Blue Heron Bridge Scuba by 7:00 pm on the day of the dive to sign a waiver and receive a vehicle pass. For more information check out our MeetUp for the event.

All divers must have their own dive light and secondary and their dive flags must be lit with a glow stick or dive beacon. Dive items will be available at the shop for rental or purchase. Check in for the dive at the Blue Heron Bridge shop by 7:00 pm to take advantage of the 7:40 pm high tide.
The event is unguided and dive teams and groups may explore the site as desired.

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